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Blood Offering: Yesu Christ the Sacrificial Lamb
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The Passion of the Christ
The Y-shaped Cross of Christ:
Known by the names,
Ypsilon Cross, Y-Cross, Pall Cross, Furca (The Fork), Gabelkreuz (Fork Cross, Branch Cross), Schacherkreuz (Thief's Cross, Cross of Robbers)

Yesu Christ was flayed as the Sacrificial Lamb
image, "crucifix" on Google
Image dated to 1248 from the Chapel of
San Silvestro in Rome
Antonius church corpus
14th century
Fork Cross
14th century
Giovanni Pisano
Fork Crucifix, Cologne
circa 1300
20th century sculpture
after Michelangelo sketch
Medieval Crucifix in Collioure, Languedoc
13th century
The Coesfeld Forked Crucifix
Historical crucifixion
(20th century painting)
as evidenced by the Shroud

Medieval Crucifix
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Photos from movie "The Passion of the Christ" directed by Mel Gibson

Crux Furca
(Pall Cross)