Shape of the Cross Confirmed

"The crucifixion, it was not the common form of the Cross that was used but the form that appears on the Gothic chasuble with its arms pointing upwards." (The Holy Shroud and Four Visions, p. 41).

The Evidence from the Holy Shroud for the Form of the Cross, as stated in The Holy Shroud and Four Visions.

Experts on the Holy Shroud are agreed about two facts which, once pointed out, can be observed by anyone. The first fact is that there is a trace of blood along both arms of Our Lord from the wound in the hand towards the shoulder, not made by any wound on the arms but caused by the flow of blood along the arms from the wounds in the hands. This flow of blood could only have run along the arms if they were tight against the cross-bars thus forming a sort of furrow, and had remained so until the death of Christ.

The second fact is that there is another trace of blood on the back of Our Lord's left hand (the right hand is hidden under the left) where a little of the blood from the wound in the hand trickled down between the hand and the wood of the Cross. As this blood dripped down vertically, it gives the angle which Our Lord's arms made with that lineor what amounts to the same thingthe angle which the arms made with the horizontal and the perpendicular. 

Engineer Cordonnier, another of the experts on the Shroud, just gives a drawing of the angle among his illustrations and makes it about 45°. the arms of Our Lord could not have been tight enough to the Cross to prevent the blood from flowing down to the ground before it reached the elbow, unless the arms of the Cross sloped upwards at the same angle as the arms of Our Lord. these two traces of blood on Our Lord's arms, about which the experts are agreed, can be explained only by the form of the Cross that appears on the Gothic chasuble. Furthermore, the arms of Our Lord must have remained tightly pressed to the Cross for the whole time that He hung on it, otherwise the blood would have dripped down at the point where they parted from the Cross. In practice, this could only have happened if the arms were tied to the Cross. (The Holy Shroud and Four Visions, pp. 42-43).
Mysteries of the Shroud Unveiled:
An ancient image, in light of modern technology
by Norbert H. Kox

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