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AnotherBrotherMark reveals worlds greatest fraud,
the image of antichrist. Narrated by N. H. Kox

Picture Perfect Jesus: The Glamorous Fraud.
Narrated by Mark Brown

AnotherBrotherMark has often been called a blasphemer because of his YouTube icon and background, which he has posted with the intention of exposing perhaps the worlds greatest fraud, the false Christ and image of the Beast spoken of in the book of Revelation in the Bible.

Many people who come to Marks channel are offended, shocked, and confused by the images they see. But few ever bother to read the explanations he has posted. He has also provided a very clear video explanation under the title, Picture Perfect Jesus: The Glamorous Fraud. But people still speak foolishly because they just do not want to listen to the message.

I am Norbert H. Kox, the creator of these sometimes misunderstood paintings. People seem to think the images are making fun of Christ, when the exact opposite is true. They are actually an expose of Warner Sallmans devious Head of Christ painting.