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Norbert H. Kox
by Norbert Kox

Final Fire (wood, forged & welded steel, oil painting; collection of Neville Museum, Green Bay, WI)
Final Fire (detail)
Ariel-Davidson: Demon Hunter (custom motorcycle chopper built and sculpted by N. H. Kox)
Ariel-Davidson: Demon Hunter (Ariel and Harley morphed)
Ariel-Davidson: Demon Hunter (detail)
Ariel-Davidson: Demon Hunter (Eisner Museum exhibition in honor of Harley Davidson, Milwaukee, WI)
The Golden Sin
The Golden Sin (detail-1)
The Golden Sin (detail-2)
The Golden Sin (detail-3) (background, left: Hades Altar; right: The United States Game)
The United States Game (detail)
The United States Game
Hades Altar (detail-1)
Hades Altar (detail-2)
Hades Altar (detail-3)
Revelation Thirteen (detail-1)
Revelation Thirteen (detail-2, mouth)