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Norbert H. Kox
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Noebert H. Kox, Apocalypse House
The Artworks of Norbert H. Kox

Apocalyptic Books for Research and Enjoyment
Books that include visionary works of Norbert H. Kox
Miracles Of The Spirit: Folk, Art, And Stories From Wisconsin (Hardcover) by Don Krug, Ann Parker, Roger Cardinal (Foreword) Section on Norbert Kox, in his own words, pp. 31-43, with 5 b & w pictures of his paintings (trivia: the one on p. 39 is printed backward). Two color pictures of Kox work in the plate section following p. 134..

THE END IS NEAR: VISIONS  , APOCALYPSE, MILLENNIUM AND UTOPIA, Edited and compilede by Roger Manley. Section on Norbert Kox, pp. 23-25, with 4 color pictures of his paintings and biograbhy.From the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore devoted to exhibiting self-taught "intuitive" artists, whose work is often compulsive, bizarre, intricately detailed...

Famous Wisconsin Artists and Architects (Famous Wisconsin) (Paperback) by, Hannah Heidi Levy. Section on Norbert Kox, pp. 80-82, with 2 b & w pictures of his works.

Religious Visionaries (Paperback) by Joanne Cubbs.  Section on Norbert Kox, pp. 8-13, with 4 excellent reproductions of his works.  Text on Kox, pp. 9-11, & descriptions on p. 23.

Soft cover
Hard cover
Hard cover
Disinformation: The Interviews. (Paperback)
by, Richard Metzger. Section on Norbert Kox, pp. 116-125, with 8 colored pictures of his works. LA Weekly, Nov. 29, 2003, "It will undoubtedly find its way into the right hands before the coming Apocalypse."

Apocalypse Culture II. (Paperback) by, Adam Parfrey.  Section on Norbert Kox, pp. 370-377, with several b & w pictures, and 2 colored pictures of his works.on pp. 245-246.

Four outsider artists: The end is a new beginning : Lonnie Holley, Mr. Imagination, Norbert Kox, Charlie Lucas (Paperback) by, Professor Norman J. Giradot.  Features several of Norbert Kox's works, plus a video cd with which includes an explanitory slide show of Kox's art.

Wonders to Behold: the Visionary Art of Myrtice West (Hardcover) edited  by, Carol Crown.  Chapter 10, Mother of Harlots, written by  Norbert Kox, pp. 114-120, with with a color reproduction of Kox's "Mother of Harlots: the Pie-Eyed Piber," on p. 120.

The following books may be disturbing to sensitive and religiously oriented individuals, and are not appropriate for children. Purchase at your own discretion. Some of the sections other than the Norbert Kox work, may contain sexually explicit pictures and text. Beware!
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